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7 March 2024

17 August 2023

  • curprev 03:2203:22, 17 August 2023Jenni talk contribs 23,063 bytes +16,524 add latest macOS versions
  • curprev 02:1602:16, 17 August 2023Jenni talk contribs 6,539 bytes +6,539 Created page with "''This article is about the operating system formerly known as Mac OS X and OS X. For the classic operating system, see Mac OS''. {{Infobox_Software | software_name = macOS| software_image = 150px| developer = Apple| publisher = Apple| systems = PowerPC, x86| release = 2001-present| added_to_museum = June 7, 2014| }} '''macOS''', formerly known as '''Mac OS X''' and '''OS X''', is a..."