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Sylvania logo.png
Type Brand of Osram Sylvania (North America)
Brand of Feilo Sylvania (International)
Founded 1931 (Hygrade Sylvania Corporation)
1942 (Sylvania Electric Products)
1959 (Sylvania Lighting International)
1993 (Osram Sylvania)
April 2007 (Havells Sylvania)
January 2016 (Feilo Sylvania)
Headquarters USA (Sylvania Electric Products)
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada (Osram Sylvania)
London, England, UK (Feilo Sylvania)
Key people
Industry Electric products and electronics
Number of people

Sylvania is a brand owned by two entities. Osram Sylvania of Ontario, Canada owns the rights to the brand in North America. Feilo Sylvania of England, UK owns the rights to the brand outside of North America.

Sylvania computers owned by WEC Museum

Name Released Notes
SYNET7WID 2009 ARM-based Netbook computer.