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Ball cover.png
Developer Nintendo R&D1
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Game & Watch, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DSi
Released Ball - Game & Watch
Silver WW: April 28, 1980
Club Nintendo JP: April 1, 2010
Mario the Juggler - Game & Watch
Widescreen WW: October 14, 1991
Game Boy Gallery
Game Boy AU/EU: 1995
Game & Watch Gallery 2
Game Boy JP: 1997
Game Boy Color AU/EU/JP: 1998
3DS (B&W) JP: 2012
3DS (Color) AU/EU/NA: 2012
Ball - Game & Watch remake
Nintendo DSi WW: April 19, 2010
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
WW: November 13, 2020
Added to
3DS: December 4, 2017
DSi: July 2, 2020

Ball is a game by Nintendo R&D1. It was the first Game & Watch game.


A juggler tosses balls in the air and must catch them and throw them back in the air, or else they'll fall on the ground.


Ball was released as a silver single screen Game & Watch system in 1983. Mario the Juggler was the forty-eighth Game & Watch game. It was a remake of Ball with Mario as the juggler, and was released as a widescreen Game & Watch system in 1991.

Ball was remade for Game Boy as part of Game Boy Gallery in 1995, and then was remade for Game Boy as part of Game & Watch Gallery 2 in Japan in 1997 and for Game Boy Color in 1998.

Ball was also remade as DSiWare for Nintendo DSi in 2010.

The Game Boy version of Game & Watch Gallery 2 was released for Virtual Console on 3DS in 2012 in Japan, and the Game Boy Color version was released for Virtual Console on 3DS in 2012 in Australia, Europe, and North America.

A replica was released as a reward for Club Nintendo members in Japan in 2009 and in Europe and North America in 2011.

Ball was also included, along with Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, in a Game & Watch handheld video game console in 2020.