Blue Sky Rangers

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Blue Sky Rangers logo.png
Blue Sky Rangers
Type Corporation
Founded 1997 (Intellivision Productions, Inc.)
May 2018 (Blue Sky Rangers, Inc.)
Headquarters Manhattan Beach, California, USA
Key people Keith Robinson, founder
Stephen Roney, founder
Industry video games
Products video games
Number of people 2

Blue Sky Rangers, Inc. is a video game publisher.


Blue Sky Rangers originally referred to the developers who worked for Mattel Electronics and its division M Network.

Intellivision Productions

Intellivision Productions, Inc. was formed in 1997 when the rights to the Intellivision as well as Mattel Electronics and M Network games were acquired by two former Blue Sky Rangers, Keith Robinson and Stephen Roney.

Blue Sky Rangers

The company was renamed Blue Sky Rangers, Inc. in May 2018 when the rights to the Intellivision were then transferred to Intellivision Entertainment.

Video games published by Intellivision Productions

Title System Released Added to Museum Notes
Intellivision Lives! Mac OS, Windows 1998 December 29, 2019
Intellivision Rocks Mac OS, Windows 2001 December 29, 2019