Color TV-Game

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Color TV-Game
Designer Nintendo R&D2, Mitsubishi Electric
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric, Nintendo
CPU Mitsubishi Electric M58816P
Graphics 180x180, up to 6 colors
Memory N/A
Media Non-programmable ROM chip(s)
Released JP: 1977-1980
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The Color TV-Game (カラーテレビゲーム, Karā Terebi-Gēmu) series included four systems which were the first video game consoles released by Nintendo.

Each device contains one or more dedicated games. As part of the first generation of video game consoles, none of the five systems use programmable media.

The Color TV-Game consoles were succeeded by the Nintendo Entertainment System.


The first three systems were developed jointly by Nintendo and Mitsubishi Electric, and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric. The final two releases were based on Nintendo arcade games, and were developed and manufactured by Nintendo.

Shigeru Miyamoto, who would later rise to fame as the creator of Mario and various other Nintendo properties, designed the case for the Color TV-Game Block Breaker.

Color TV-Game consoles

Image Title Release Added to Museum Notes
Color TV Game 6.jpg Color TV-Game 6
(カラー テレビゲーム6,
Karā Terebi-Gēmu 6)
1977 Not yet. Contains tennis, hockey and volleyball, in single and doubles mode. Its two controllers are connected to the unit.
Color TV Game 15.jpg Color TV-Game 15
(カラー テレビゲーム15,
Karā Terebi-Gēmu 15)
1977 Not yet. Contains two variants of tennis, hockey and volleyball, and two ping pong games, in single and doubles mode. It contains two wired controllers, rather than controllers that connected to the unit.
Color TV Racing 112.jpg Color TV-Game Racing 112
(カラー テレビゲーム112,
Karā Terebi-Gēmu 112)
1978 Not yet. Contains a driving game with switches on the side that allows play of 112 variants of the game. It's playable either with the steering wheel or with two wired controllers for two player games.
Color-tv-game-block-breaker.jpg Color TV-Game Block Breaker
Karā Terebi-Gēmu Burokku Kuzushi)
1979 May 26, 2018 A home port of Nintendo's arcade game Block Fever, based on Breakout by Atari.
Computer TV Game.jpg Computer TV-Game
Konpyūtā Terebi-Gēmu)
1980 Not yet. A home port of Nintendo's arcade game Computer Othello.