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Compile logo.png
Type Private
Founded April 7, 1982 (Compile)
1983 (Nisso and Think Soft)
(closed on November 6, 2003)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people Masamitsu Niitani, founder
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Number of people not disclosed
Website N/A

Compile Co., Ltd. (株式会社コンパイル, Kabushikigaisha Konpairu) was a video game developer.


Compile Co., Ltd. was founded on April 7, 1982 by Masamitsu Niitani.

Entering the video game business and Think Soft

Compile entered the video game business in 1983, porting N-Sub and Tranquillizer Gun to the SG-1000 for Sega.

Compile also developed Bee & Flower under the Think Soft label. This label was to be short-lived as it was only used by Compile for that one game.


Nisso Corporation was founded around 1983. It published the Compile MSX game Hustle! Chumy. Nisso was acquired by Compile in approximately 1984.

Bankruptcy and liquidation

Compile filed bankruptcy and closed on November 6, 2003.

D4 Enterprise acquired the rights to most of the Compile properties, however Sega holds the rights to the Puyo Puyo series and its associated characters.

Successor companies

Compile Heart was formed as a subsidiary of Idea Factory on June 2, 2006. Until he left the company in December 2012, Compile Heart was managed by the former Compile founder, Masamitsu Niitani. Compile Heart made a deal with D4 Enterprise to create games based on Compile properties.

Masamitsu Niitani created another successor company, COMPILE◯ (Compile Maru) on April 19, 2016.

Think Soft video game (1983)

Title System Released Notes
Bee & Flower MSX 1983

Nisso video games (1983-1984)

Title System Released Notes
Aquapolis SOS MSX 1983
Megalopolis SOS MSX 1983
Devil's Heaven MSX 1984

Compile video games owned by WEC Museum (1984-2003)

Title System Released Notes
Hustle! Chumy MSX 1984
Devil Golvellius MSX 1986
Disc Saga: Episode III - Burning Sword! MSX 1986
Gulkave MSX 1986
Zanac Famicom, Mobile, MSX, NES 1986 Feature phone port by G-Mode in DoJa in 2005.
Zanac EX MSX2 1986 Enhanced port of the MSX version for MSX2.
Aleste Master System 1988
B.G.V.: Christmas MSX2 1988 BackGround Video screensaver
True Devil Golvellius - Horizontal Scrolling Demo MSX2 1988
True Devil Golvellius - Vertical Scrolling Demo MSX2 1988
Blazing Lazers TurboGrafx-16 1989
Children's Wars MSX2 1989
Rabbit Sparrow: Revival of the Hajao MSX2 1989
Randar's Adventure MSX2 1989
Rune Master MSX2 1989
Samurai King Mega On Z MSX2 1989
Super Cooks MSX2 1989
True Devil Golvellius: Illustrated Book MSX2 1989 Stand-alone encyclopedia for True Devil Golvellius.
Apple Sauce: Room PC-9801 1990
B.G.V.: Stray Cat Story MSX2 1990 BackGround Video screensaver
Randar's Adventure II: Revenge of Death MSX2 1990
Randar's Adventure III: A Magician Fascinated by Darkness MSX2 1990
Nyanpi ☆ Collection MSX 1990
Randar Burn・April Fool MSX2 1990
Rune Master II MSX2 1990
Sorcery Saga 1-2-3 MSX, PC-9801 1990
Turing MSX2 1990
Apple Sauce: Pirates PC-9801 1991
Apple Sauce: Western PC-9801 1991
B.G.V.: Astro Scope PC-9801 1991 BackGround Video screensaver
B.G.V.: A Bewitching Night MSX2 1991 BackGround Video screensaver
B.G.V.: Carp Streamer PC-9801 1991 BackGround Video screensaver
B.G.V.: Rain PC-9801 1991 BackGround Video screensaver
Blaster Burn: Budruga Episode III - Score Trial MSX2 1991
Disc Saga: Episode IV - The Tower of Muda PC-9801 1991
Disc Saga: Immoral Dragon PC-9801 1991
Dragon Quiz MSX2 1991
GG Aleste Game Gear 1991
Gorby's Pipeline Strategy Family Computer 1991
Marvel Putt Golf PC-9801 1991
Monkey Mountain Heaven PC-9801 1991 Interactive screensaver
Puyo Puyo Arcade 1991
Red Sumo: The Legend of Love PC-9801 1991
Rune Master III: War Among Three Kingdoms MSX2 1991
Spirit Warriors Spriggan PC Engine CD-ROM² 1991
Apple Sauce: Hinamatsuri PC-9801 1992
Disc Saga: The Baffoonish General of the Beach PC-9801 1992
Disc Saga: Beautiful Women who Disappeared into the Steam - Rendezvous into a Dream PC-9801 1992
Disc Saga: The Client is a Monster? PC-9801 1992
Final Jaboon MSX2 1992
Green Crystal MSX2 1992
Kerosuke's Frigid Hell MSX2 1992
Kerosuke's Winter Training MSX2 1992
Jaboon Runner MSX2 1992
Jump Hero II: Life Is Jaboon MSX2 1992
Marvel Putt Golf 2 PC-9801 1992
Robo Aleste Sega CD 1992
Musha Aleste Sega Mega Drive 1992
Rusty 1 PC-9801 1992
Rusty 2 PC-9801 1992
Rusty 3 PC-9801 1992
Rusty 4 PC-9801 1992
Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform Project Super PC Engine CD-ROM² 1992
Vampire Demon's Fright - China Edition Chapter 1 - PC-9801 1992
Vampire Demon's Fright - China Edition Chapter 2 - PC-9801 1992
Vampire Demon's Fright - China Edition Chapter 3 - PC-9801 1992
Vampire Demon's Fright - China Edition Chapter 4 - PC-9801 1992
Alien Crush TurboGrafx-16 1993
Apple Sauce 7: Murekuro Zuruppa PC-9801 1993
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Sega Genesis 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog version of Puyo Puyo 2.
GG Aleste II Game Gear 1993
Nazo Puyo: Arle's Roux Game Gear Micro 1993
Power Strike II Master System 1993
Sorcery Saga A-R-S PC-9801 1993
Sorcery Saga I: The Three Magic Spheres Game Gear 1993 Remake of the first part of Sorcery Saga 1-2-3
Devil Force PC-9801 1994
Puyo Puyo 2 Arcade 1994
Sorcery Saga II: 16-year-old Arle Game Gear 1994 Remake of the second part of Sorcery Saga 1-2-3
Sorcery Saga III: The Ultimate Queen Game Gear 1994 Remake of the third part of Sorcery Saga 1-2-3
Sorcery Saga A: Excited Vacation Game Gear 1995 Remake of the first part of Sorcery Saga A-R-S
Gensei Kaitō Den PC-9801 1995
Apple Sauce: Forest Christmas PC-9801 1996
Apple Sauce: Unexplored Region Expedition PC-9801 1996
Devil Force II ~Stolen Treasure~ PC-9801 1996
Sorcery Saga: Big Kindergarten Kids Super Famicom 1996
Sorcery Saga: Loitering and the Rumor PC-9801 1996
Sorcery Saga I Sega Mega Drive 1996 Remake of the first part of Sorcery Saga 1-2-3
Pipeline Strategy Family Computer 2021 Version without Mikhail Gorbachev