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Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Platforms See below
Released 1987-present
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Contra is a Japanese multimedia series.

It consists of books, comics, music, and video games.

It was originally created on February 20, 1987, by Konami with the release of the original Contra to arcades.

Video games

Title Developer Release System Added to museum Notes
Contra Konami 1987 Arcade October 22, 2021
Super Contra Konami 1987 Arcade October 22, 2021
Operation C Konami 1991 Game Boy March 5, 2022
Contra III: The Alien Wars Konami 1992 SNES August 10, 2017
Contra: Hard Corps Konami 1994 Genesis May 4, 2019
Contra: Shattered Soldier Konami 2002 PS2 March 4, 2020