Data East Collection 1

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Data East Compilation 1 cover.jpg
Data East Collection 1
Developer Blaze Entertainment
Publisher Blaze Entertainment
Platforms Evercade
Released May 22, 2020
Added to
May 1, 2021

Data East Collection 1 was a compilation cartridge for Evercade.

Data East Collection 1 was the third cartridge for the Evercade and was available standalone or in a premium pack with the Evercade console and Atari Collection 1 and Interplay Collection 1.

Emulated platforms

The games were playable through emulation. The emulated platforms were the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game consoles.

Included games

It contained ten games, originally released between 1983 and 1996, that were developed by Data East.

Title Developer Release Platform
Bad Dudes Data East 1990 NES
BurgerTime Data East 1983 NES
Burnin' Rubber Data East 1988 NES
Fighter's History Data East 1994 SNES
Joe & Mac 2 Data East 1994 SNES
Karate Champ Data East 1986 NES
Magical Drop II Data East 1996 SNES
Midnight Resistance Data East 1991 Genesis
Side Pocket Data East 1987 SNES
Two Crude Dudes Data East 1992 Genesis