Donkey Kong 3

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This article is about the arcade game. For the Game & Watch game, see Donkey Kong 3 (Game & Watch video game). For the Hudson Soft game, see Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack.

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Donkey Kong 3
Developer Nintendo R&D1
Publisher Nintendo
Hamster (Arcade Archives)
Platforms Arcade, GameCube, NES, Wii
Released Arcade JP: October 1983
Arcade EU/NA: 1983
Famicom JP: July 4, 1984
NES NA: June 1986
NES EU: September 15, 1987
GameCube Animal Forest+ JP: December 14, 2001
GameCube Animal Crossing NA: September 15, 2002
GameCube Animal Crossing EU: September 24, 2004
iQue Player Animal Forest HK: June 1, 2006
Wii Virtual Console NA: July 14, 2008
Wii Virtual Console EU: January 9, 2009
Switch Arcade Archives WW: April 5, 2019
Switch Online WW: July 17, 2019
Added to
GC (NES, Animal Crossing): January 20, 2003
GBA (NES, e-Reader): April 12, 2020
Switch (Arcade, Arcade Archives): October 2, 2020
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Donkey Kong 3, was first released for the arcade. It was developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 and was published by Nintendo in 1983. It was the third game in the Donkey Kong series, and the first game in the series that did not include Nintendo's mascot Mario.


Donkey Kong 3 screenshot.png

Donkey Kong and bugs are invading a garden.

Stanley the bugman must use his bug spray to spray the bugs away from the plants.

He also has to spray donkey kong until he climbs vines out of the garden.

He has to keep at least one vegetable in the garden or else he fails his mansion.

Eventually, Stanley manages to rid the garden of Donkey Kong and Stanley moves to the next part of the garden.

Unfortunately, Donkey Kong and the bugs follow him and he has to start spraying again.


After the success of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior, Shigeru Miyamoto designed a sequel.

The resulting game was Donkey Kong 3, which did not reach the success of the previous games in the series.

Versions of the game

Donkey Kong 3 cabinet.jpg

As the third game in the popular Donkey Kong series, it has been released on many different systems, both through traditional game ports and through emulation. It was first released to arcades in 1983.

Nintendo released the game on Famicom in 1984, on and NES in North America in 1986 and in Europe in 1987. It was included as an unlockable game in Animal Forest + on GameCube in 2002. It was also released on the localized version, Animal Crossing, on GameCube in 2002 in North America and in Europe in 2004.

The Nintendo subsidiary iQue released Animal Crossing for the iQue Player in 2006. This version included Donkey Kong 3 as well.

It was released on Virtual Console for Wii in 2008 in North America and in 2009 in Europe.

It was released for Nintendo Switch via Arcade Archives and for the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online emulation service in 2019.