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Released 1998-present
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Downloadable content is content for a video game or an app that is downloadable from the internet.

Types of DLC

Downloadable content is available as free or paid content.

Some DLC is included on physical media and is useable by downloading a file or a group of files to unlock that content.

Video games with DLC owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Release Platform DLC owned
The Amazing Spider-Man Beenox 2012 PS3 Franchise Pack (Rhino Challenge, Stan Lee Adventure Pack, Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack, Lizard Rampage Pack)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Beenox 2014 PS3 Franchise Pack (Black Suit, Cosmic Spider-Man Suit, Electro-Proof Suit, Ends of the Earth Suit, Iron Spider Suit, Spider-Man Noir Suit)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo EPD 2020 Switch Happy Home Paradise
Atari Vault Code Mystics 2019 Windows 50 Game Add-On Pack (Adventure II, Air Raiders, Aquaventure, Armor Ambush, Asteroids, Astroblast, Atari Baseball, Atari Basketball, Atari Football, Atari Soccer, Avalanche, Canyon Bomber, Centipede, Countermeasure, Dark Cavern, Destroyer, Dominos, Final Legacy, Fire Truck, Frog Pond, Frogs and Flies, Holey Moley, International Soccer, Maze Invaders, Micro-gammon, Millipede, Miniature Golf, Missile Command, Monte Carlo, MotoRodeo, Pool Shark, Realsports Baseball, Realsports Basketball, Realsports Football, Realsports Soccer, Realsports Tennis, Saboteur, Sea Battle, Sky Diver, Space Attack, Star Raiders, Star Strike, Super Breakout, Super Bug, Super Challenge Baseball, Super Challenge Football, Swordfight, Wizard, Xari Arena, Yars' Return)
Brütal Legend Double Fine 2009 Xbox 360 Hammer of Infinite Fate, Tears of the Hextadon
ChuChu Rocket! Sonic Team 1999 Dreamcast Character Pack: Cartoony Look, Character Pack: UFOs & Cows, Official Puzzle Pack
Costume Quest Double Fine 2010 iOS Grubbins on Ice
Dynamite Cop Sega AM1 1999 Dreamcast Detonator Pack (Cindy from Die Hard Arcade, stun gun, collectible art)
Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Ryu ga Gotoku Studio 2018 PS4 Kazuma Kiryu skin
Floigan Bros. Visual Concepts 2001 Dreamcast Fun Moigle Things (Knitted Hat, Valentine, Cinnamon Candy, Easter Egg Hunt, Gray Wig, Baseball Cap, Fireworks, Baseball's World Series, Back to School, Halloween Costume!, Pilgrim, Presents In the Mail)
Judgment Ryu ga Gotoku Studio 2019 PS4 All in One Pack (Detective Life Fun Pack, Girlfriend Present Pack, Play Spot Fun Pack, Ultimate Battle Pack)
Lost Judgment Ryu ga Gotoku Studio 2021 PS4 Season Pass (Detective Essentials Pack, School Stories Expansion Pack, The Kaito Files)
Mario Kart 8 Nintendo EAD 2014 Wii U Animal Crossing x Mario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo EPD 2017 Wii U Booster Course Pass (Waves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).
Pinball FX3 Zen Studios 2017 Switch Balls of Glory Pinball (American Dad, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy), Carnivals and Legends (Adventure Land, Son of Zeus), Iron & Steel Collection (Castlestorm, Wild West Rampage), Medievel Pack (Camelot, Epic Quest), Portal Pinball, Sci-Fi Pack (Earth Defense, Mars, Paranormal), Universal Classics Pinball (Back to the Future, E.T., Jaws), The Walking Dead Pinball, Williams Pinball Season 1 Bundle (Williams Pinball Volume 1 (The Getaway: High Speed II, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness), Williams Pinball Volume 2 (Attack from Mars, Black Rose, The Party Zone), Williams Pinball Volume 3 (The Champion Pub, Safe Cracker, Theatre of Magic), Williams Pinball Volume 4 (Hurricane, Red and Ted's Road Show, White Water), Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack (Monster Bash and Creature from the Black Lagoon), Williams Pinball Volume 5 (Circus Voltaire, No Good Gofers), Tales of the Arabian Nights), Williams Pinball Volume 6 (Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray, Fun House, Space Station)
The Pinball Arcade FarSight Studios 2012 Switch AC/DC (Back in Black, Premium, Let There Be Rock), Alvin G. and Co. Pack (Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour and Pistol Poker), Doctor Who: Master of Time (updated Doctor Who table), Gottlieb Pack 1 (Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt, Genie, Gladiators, Haunted House, Lights...Camera...Action!, Victory), Gottlieb Pack 2 (Black Hole, Bone Busters, El Dorado: City of Gold, Goin Nuts, Rescue 911, Wipeout), Gottlieb Pack 3 (Cactus Jack's, Class of 1812, Cue Ball Wizard, Teed Off, TX-Sector), Gottlieb EM Pack (Big Shot, Centigrade 37, Central Park, El Dorado, Jacks Open), Stern Pack 1 (Flight 2000, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Star Trek (Vengeance Premium), Starship Troopers), Stern Pack 2 (Ghostbusters (Premium), Harley-Davidson, High Roller Casino, Last Action Hero, Mustang (Premium), , The Phantom of the Opera), Stern Pack 3 (Big Buck Hunter and Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons)
The Playroom SCE Japan Studio 2013 PS4 AR Studio, My Alien Buddy, Ninja Bots, Toy Maker
Rare Replay Rare
Code Mystics
2015 Xbox One
Series X/S
GoldenEye 007
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Double Fine Productions 2013 Xbox 360 Unidentified Furry Objects
Shenmue III Ys Net, Nello 2019 PS4 Complete DLC Collection (Story Quest Pack, Big Merry Cruise, Battle Rally)
Sonic Adventure Sonic Team 1998 Dreamcast 1998 Christmas Event, 1999 Christmas Event, AT&T Event 1, AT&T Event 2, AT&T Event 3, European Launch Party Event, Famitsu Magazine Event, Halloween Event, Hidekazu Yukawa Quo Event, Japanese Launch Party Event, Kadomatsu New Year, Menu Voice Pack - Amy, Menu Voice Pack - Big, Menu Voice Pack - Eggman, Menu Voice Pack - Gamma, Menu Voice Pack - Knuckles, Menu Voice Pack - Random, Menu Voice Pack - Random, Menu Voice Pack - Sonic, Menu Voice Pack - Tails, Menu Voice Pack - Tikal, Reebok Challenge Event, Samba Grand Prix Event, US Launch Party Event, Y2K Event
Sonic Mania Christian Whitehead,
PagodaWest Games,
Hyperkinetic Studios
2019 Switch Encore (adds playable Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel from the SegaSonic the Hedgehog arcade game as well as remixed levels, a changed mechanic for lives, a pinball bonus stage, a four-player competition mode, and a reworked Metal Sonic battle based on the one in Knuckles' Chaotix for Sega 32X.
Sonic Origins Christian Whitehead,
Simon Thomley,
Sonic Team
2019 Switch Plus: added a playable Amy Rose to the Sonic the Hedgehog 1, CD, 2, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles remakes, and a playable Knuckles to the Sonic CD remake, plus the emulated Game Gear games Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Labryinth, Sonic Spinball, Tails Adventure, and Tails' Sky Patrol.
Spider-Man Insomniac Games 2018 PS4 The City That Never Sleeps (The Heist, Turf Wars, Silver Lining)
Stern Pinball Arcade FarSight Studios 2016 Switch AC/DC (Back in Black, Let There Be Rock, Premium), Ghostbusters (Premium), Harley-Davidson 3rd Edition, High Roller Casino, Last Action Hero, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Mustang (Premium "Boss"), The Phantom of the Opera, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition, Vengeance Premium), and Starship Troopers
Total Annihilation Cavedog Entertainment 1997 Windows "FARK" Fast Assist Repair Kbot (Arm), "Flea" Scout Kbot (Arm), "Hedgehog" Mobile Anti-Nuke (Core), "Leviathan" Battle Sub (Core), "Necro" Ressurection Kbot (Core), "Neutron" Missile Launcher (Core), "Phalanx" Mobile Flak Vehicle (Arm), "Scarab" Mobile Anti-Nuke (Arm), Arm Cloakable Fusion Plant Cloakable Fusion Plant (Arm), Arm Defender NS "Defender NS" Naval Series Missile Tower (Arm), Arm Eagle "Eagle" Radar Plane (Arm), Arm Flakker "Flakker" Anti-Air Flak Gun (Arm), Arm Fortification Wall Fortification wall (Arm), Arm Marky "Marky" Mobile Radar Kbot (Arm), Arm Metal Maker NS "Metal Maker NS" Floating Metal Maker (Arm), Arm Moho Metal Maker Moho Metal Maker (Arm), Arm Penetrator "Penetrator" Mobile Energy Weapon (Arm), Arm Shooter "Copperhead" Mobile Flak Vehicle (Core), Arm Shooter "Shooter" Sniper Kbot (Arm), Arm Shooter "Stunner" EMP Missile Launcher (Arm), Arm Stingray "Stingray" Naval Heavy Laser Tower (Arm), Arm Warrior "Warrior" Medium Infantry Kbot (Arm), Core Cobra "Cobra" Anti-Air Flak Gun (Core), Core Dominator "Dominator" Heavy Rocket Kbot (Core), Core Floating Metal Maker Floating Metal Maker (Core), Core Leveler "Leveler" Riot Tank (Core), Core Phantom "Phantom" Radar-Jamming Ship (Core), Core Stinger "Stinger" Naval Missile Tower (Core), Core Sumo "Sumo" Heavy Assault Kbot (Core), Core Thunderbolt "Thunderbolt" Floating Heavy Laser Tower (Core), Core Toaster "Toaster" Pop Up Heavy Cannon (Core), Core Voyeur "Voyeur" Mobile Radar Kbot (Core), Immolator Plasma Tower (Core)
Yakuza 4 Sega CS1
Ryū ga Gotoku Studio
2010 PS3
Item Pack 1 (Bulletproof Breastplate, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Titanium Driver, Toughness Emperor), Item Pack 2 (Hyper Stun Gun, Gambler's Binding, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Item Pack 3 (Bloody Binding, Miniature Sign, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Item Pack 4 (Demon Guantlets, Immovable Belt, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor, Tourmaline Bracelet), Item Pack 5 (Payback Ring, Sakura Storm, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Item Pack 6 (Champion's Ring, Lotus Clan Broadsword, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Item Pack 7 (9mm Automatic Pistol, Antique Chain Mail, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Item Pack 8 (Broken M1985, Staminan Royale, SWAT Body Armor, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor)
Yakuza 5 Ryū ga Gotoku Studio 2012 PS3
Battle Provisions 1 (Assassin's Spear, Bulletproof Glass Amulet, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Battle Provisions 2 (Ballbuster, Battle Mail, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Battle Provisions 3 (Brickshitter Beer, Goddess of Children Amulet, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Battle Provisions 4 (Immovable Belt, Patriarch's Driver, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Battle Provisions 5 (Gambler's Binding, Sakura Storm, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Battle Provisions 6 (Double Leeks, Payback Ring, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor), Battle Provisions 7 (Antique Chain Mail, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor, Zap Gun), Battle Provisions 8 (Drow-Z 55, Staminan Royale, Tauriner++, Toughness Emperor, Yakuza Training Gear), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 1 (Auto Token, High Payout Token, High Win Rate Token), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 2 (Chance Stone, Gambler's Token, Get-Rick-Quick Charm), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 3 (Banker's Piece, Player's Piece, Royal Joker Card), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 4 (Blackjack Amulet, Bust Amulet, Lucky Hanafuda Card), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 5 (1-1-1 Card, Even Goro's Beads, Lopsider Cigarette), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 6 (Black Jewel, Red Jewel, Zero Jewel), Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 7 (1-2-3 Gum, Lucky Tile, Triple Yokan), and Kamurocho Enjoyment Pack 8 (10-10-1 Charm, Give-Up Piece, Piss Mountain Stone)
Yakuza 6 Ryū ga Gotoku Studio 2016 PS4
Clan Creator Card Bundle (Super Super Rare (SSR) cards for Shun Akiyama, Makoto Date, Daigo Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, and Taiga Saejima: The Windows and Xbox One versions also include the Fun Packs, which are free DLC on PS4), Fun Pack 1 (Rainbow Bun), Fun Pack 2 (Baseball Uniform), Fun Pack 3 (Funeral Suit), and Fun Pack 4 (Ono Michio-kun Costume)