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EGRET II Mini logo.png
Designer Taito
Manufacturer Taito
ININ Games
Strictly Limited Games
CPU 1.3 GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7
Graphics Mali-400
Memory 256 MB
Media 512 MB
Released JP: March 2, 2022
WW: June 3, 2022
Added to Museum EGRET II: July 4, 2022
EGRET II Mini.png

EGRET II Mini is a miniature video game system by Taito. It was conceived after the success of the similar Neo Geo Mini and Astro City Mini consoles by SNK and Sega Toys, respectively.

It was released in Japan by Taito on March 2, 2022. It was published worldwide by ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games on June 3, 2022.


It contains forty built-in games running on an emulator. It is designed to resemble the Taito EGRET II arcade cabinet, which was first released in 1996. It contains an arcade stick with microswitches and six buttons, as well as a start and a select button. It has two USB-A connections for external controllers. Games can be played on the small included screen, or via HDMI out on a television screen. Power is supplied via a micro USB connection.

Games list


Forty games are included in the EGRET II Mini.

Title Developer Released Notes
Adventure Canoe Taito 1982
Bubble Bobble Taito 1986
Bubble Memories Taito 1995
Bubble Symphony Taito 1984
Cadash Taito 1989
Chack'n Pop Taito 1983
Dan-Ku-Ga Taito 2022 Previously unreleased update of Kaiser Knuckle.
Darius Gaiden Taito 1994
Don Doko Don Taito 1989
Elevator Action Taito 1983
Elevator Action Returns Taito 1994
The Fairyland Story Taito 1985
Growl Taito 1990
Gun Frontier Taito 1990
Halley's Comet Taito 1986
Hat Trick Hero Taito 1990
Kaiser Knuckle Taito 1994
Kiki KaiKai Taito 1986
The Legend of Kage Taito 1985
Liquid Kids Taito 1990
Lunar Rescue Taito 1979
Lupin III Taito 1980
Metal Black Taito 1991
The New Zealand Story Taito 1988
The Ninja Kids Taito 1990
Outer Zone Taito 1984
Pirate Pete Taito 1982
Puzzle Bobble 2X Taito 1995
Qix Taito 1981
Raimais Taito 1988
Rainbow Islands Extra Version Taito 1988
Rastan Saga Taito 1987
RayForce Taito 1993
Scramble Formation Taito 1986
Space Invaders Taito 1978
Steel Worker Taito 1980
Tatsujin Taito 1988
Twin Cobra Toaplan 1987
Violence Fight Taito 1989
Volfied Taito 1989

Paddle & Trackball Games Expansion Set

Ten games are included on an SD card in the Paddle & Trackball Games Expansion Set.

Title Developer Released Notes
Arkanoid Taito 1986
Arkanoid Returns Taito 1997
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh Taito 1987
Birdie King Taito 1982
Cameltry Taito 1989
Marine Date Taito 1981
Plump Pop Taito 1987
Puchi Carat Taito 1997
Strike Bowling Taito 1982
Syvalion Taito 1988