PasocomMini MZ-80C

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PasocomMini MZ-80 logo.png
PascocomMini MZ-80C
Designer HAL Laboratory
Manufacturer HAL Laboratory
CPU 700 Mhz (Raspberry Pi A+)
Graphics integrated GPU
Memory 512MB
Media built-in media
Released JP: October 14, 2017
Added to Museum November 2, 2022

PasocomMini MZ-80C (パソコンミニ MZ-80C) was the first of two PasocomMini miniature video game systems by HAL Laboratory. In Japan, "pasocom" is shorthand for "personal computer".

It was sold for a limited time, only in Japan, beginning in October 2017.

It contained five built-in games. It contained a proprietary operating system named the HAL Monitor and an emulator to run the games, as it was powered by a Raspberry Pi A+ chip with a 700 megahertz CPU, rather than the Zilog Z80-based Sharp LH0080A chip with a 4 megahertz CPU that powered the system it was designed to resemble.

Game list

The following table lists the games included in the PasocomMini MZ-80C.

It also included SmileBASIC.

Title Developer Release Date Notes
Cosmic Cavern Takaya Arita 1980
Heiankyo Alien Theoretical Science Group 1981
Jupiter Lander HAL Laboratory 1982
Zeplis Yasuyuki Suzuki 1985
Zeldis Yasuyuki Suzuki 1986