Poker Night 2

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Poker Night 2.jpg
Poker Night at the Inventory
Developer Telltale Games
Publisher Telltale Games
Platforms iOS, macOS, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox One
Released Xbox 360: April 24, 2013
Windows/macOS: April 26, 2013
PS3: April 30, 2013
iOS: May 23, 2013
Added to
Windows/macOS: May 27, 2013

Poker Night 2 was a crossover poker game developed and published by Telltale Games for Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade on April 24, 2013, for Windows and macOS through Steam on April 26, 2013, on PlayStation 3 through PlayStation Network on April 30, 2013, and for iOS on May 23, 2013. It is the sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory.


As in Poker Night at the Inventory, the player is referred to by the other characters as "The Player". The manager of The Inventory, a hidden speakeasy where video game characters spend their free time, is Reginald Van Winslow from the Monkey Island series. The bartender is Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands series. The dealer is GLaDOS from the Portal series. The other poker players are Sam from the Sam & Max series, Claptrap from the Borderlands series, Brock Samson from Venture Bros. series, and Ash from the Evil Dead series.


As with Poker Night at the Inventory, there were unlockables for Team Fortress 2. These items included Sam's hat, Handsome Jack's face mask, Evil Ash's Necronomicrown, Chell's long fall loafers, and Brock Samson's bowie knife.

There are also unlockables for Borderlands 2, including a GLaDOS themed Portal skin, a Max mask, a poker visor, Brock Samson's hair, and Evil Ash's head.

In addition, new chips, cards, tables, and themes for The Inventory can be unlocked to be used in-game that are themed after the characters playing poker and GLaDOS.