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SG-1000 logo.png
Designer Sega
Manufacturer Aaronix (Taiwan)
Cactus International (Egypt)
Digital Systems (Finland)
Grandstand (New Zealand)
ITMC (France, under Yeno brand)
John Sands Electronics (Australia)
Melchioni (Italy)
Ocean Radio (Singapore)
Sega (Japan)
CPU 3.58 MHz Z80
Graphics 500 MHz ATI Xenos
Memory 1 KB
Media cartridge, cassette, My Card
Released SG-1000
Japan: July 15, 1983
Australia: 1983
New Zealand (Sega 1000): 1983
Japan: July 15, 1983
Oceania, Singapore: 1983
France, Finland, Italy: 1984
Taiwan: 1986
Egypt: late 1980s
SG-1000 II
Japan: July 31, 1984
Taiwan: 1986
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SG-1000 was the first home video game console by Sega. The SC-3000 model was marketed as a computer.


The SG-1000 video game console was released in Japan by Sega on July 15, 1983.

It was also released in Oceania in 1983, with a release in Australia by John Sands Electronics and a release as the Sega 1000 in New Zealand by Grandstand.


As with the SG-1000, the SC-3000 was first released in Japan by Sega on July 15, 1983, then later in 1983 in Australia by John Sands Electronics and in New Zealand by Grandstand.

The SC-3000 was also released in other territories. It saw a release in Singapore in 1983 by Ocean Radio.

It was released in Europe in 1984, with a release in France by ITMC under the Yeno brand name, in Finland by Digital Systems, and in Italy by Melchioni.

Finally, it was released in Taiwan by Aaronix in 1986 and in Egypt in the late 1980s by Cactus International.

SG-1000 II

A revised model of the SG-1000 known as the SG-1000 II was released by Sega in Japan on July 31, 1984, and by Aaronix in Taiwan in 1986 in 1986.

Digital SG-1000 games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Notes
Flicky Sega R&D1, Sega R&D2 1984