Sega Card

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This article is about the Sega Card. For other storage media referred to as cards, see Bee Card, Game Card, and HuCard.

Sega Card.png
Sega Card
Developer Mitsubishi
Publisher Sega
Systems Master System, SG-1000, SC-3000
Released 1983-1987
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Sega Card, known in Japan as the Sega My Card, is the term for a slim ROM cartridge used by Sega in their cartridge-based video game consoles from the SG-1000 to the Sega Master System. The cards were produced by Mitsubishi Plastics.

These consoles and computers also accepted traditional ROM cartridges. However, at the time of release, the Sega Cards were cheaper to produce and stored more data.

Sega MyCard EP

The Sega My Card EP was a re-writable Sega My Card which was released only in Japan for a short time in 1985. Customers would buy a card at a retail location for 5000 yen, and would choose one of the available games which would be written onto the card's EPROM. Additional games would overwrite the original game with the new game onto the card's EPROM. Rewrites cost 1800 yen. The Sega MyCard EP was not successful and was not released past the original location test in 1985.

Systems that use Sega Cards