The A500 Mini

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The A500 Mini logo.png
The A500 Mini
Designer Retro Games
Manufacturer Koch Media
CPU 528 MHz quad-core Cortex-A7
Graphics 500 MHz Mali 400 MP2
Memory 256 MB
Media 256 MB
Released WW: August 13, 2021
Added to Museum August 3, 2023
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The A500 Mini is a miniature dedicated video game console by Retro Games.

It was released worldwide on August 13, 2021. It was designed to resemble the Amiga 500 computer, although the keyboard keys on the case are non-functional.

It comes with a two-button USB mouse and an eight-button USB gamepad. A USB keyboard can also be attached to load the games, or a virtual keyboard can be used via the gamepad. Games are selected via the carousel menu system.


The A500 Mini contains twenty-five built-in games. It uses the Amiberry emulator by Blitter Studio to run the games.

The power is provided by a standard mini USB plug and wall adapter, and the video is output through HDMI.

Technical specifications

The system is much more powerful than the system on which it was designed.

It uses an Allwinner H6 SoC (system on a chip). The system specifications are as follows:

Since it uses common architecture, the system can be modified to add additional games, simply using the supplied mini-USB cable and open source software.

Games included on The A500 Mini

The following table lists the games included in The A500 Mini.

Title Developer Release
Alien Breed: Special Edition 92 Team17 1992
Alien Breed 3D Team17 1995
Another World Eric Chahi 1991
Arcade Pool Team17 1994
ATR: All Terrain Racing Team17 1995
Battle Chess Interplay Productions 1988
Cadaver The Bitmap Brothers 1992
California Games Epyx 1988
The Chaos Engine The Bitmap Brothers 1993
Dragon's Breath Andrew Bailey 1990
F-16 Combat Pilot Digital Integration 1989
Kick Off 2 Dino Dini 1990
The Lost Patrol Shadow Development 1990
Paradroid 90 Andrew Braybrook 1990
Pinball Dreams Digital Illusions 1992
Project-X: Special Edition 93 Team17 1993
Qwak Team17 1993
The Sentinel Geoff Crammond
Steve Bak (Amiga port)
Simon the Sorcerer Adventure Soft 1993
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe The Bitmap Brothers 1990
Stunt Car Racer MicroStyle 1989
Super Cars II Magnetic Fields 1991
Titus the Fox Titus France 1992
Worms: The Director's Cut Team17 1997
Zool Gremlin Graphics 1992