Atari 5200

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Atari 5200 logo.png
Atari 5200
Designer Atari
Manufacturer Atari
CPU 1.79 MHz MOS 6502C
Graphics 320 x 240 resolution
Memory 16 KB
Media ROM cartridge
Released NA: 1982
Added to Museum Not yet

Atari 5200 was the second cartridge-based home video game console by Atari.

It was preceded by the Atari 2600 and was succeeded by the Atari 7800.


The legacy of the Atari 5200 remains, even after its heyday. Independent, unlicensed games continue to be produced for the system to this day.

The current license holder of the Atari 5200, Atari, S.A., released several Atari 5200 games as downloadable content for their Atari Vault compilation.

Physical Atari 5200 games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Notes
Defender Williams Electronics 1983 The WEC Museum owns a cartridge from Atari landfill in New Mexico, manual, press clippings, area brochure, and certificate of authenticity.

Digital Atari 5200 games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Notes
Asteroids Atari 2019
Centipede Atari 1982
Countermeasure Atari 1983
Final Legacy Atari 2019
Micro-gammon Atari 2019
Millipede Atari 2019
Miniature Golf Atari 2019
Missile Command Atari 1982
Realsports Baseball Atari 1983
Realsports Basketball Atari 2019
Realsports Football Atari 1982
Realsports Soccer Atari 1982
Realsports Tennis Atari 1983
Star Raiders Atari 1982
Super Breakout Atari 1982
Xari Arena Atari 2019