Atari 7800

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Atari 7800 logo.png
Atari 7800
Designer General Computer Corporation
Manufacturer Atari Corp.
CPU 1.19-1.79 MHz Atari SALLY
Graphics 160×240, 320×240 resolutions
Memory 4 KB
Media ROM cartridge
Released NA: May 1986
AU/EU: 1987
Added to Museum Not yet

Atari 7800 was the third cartridge-based home video game console by Atari.

It was preceded by the Atari 5200 and was succeeded by the Atari XE Gaming System. The latter was based on the Atari 65XE computer.


The legacy of the Atari 7800 remains, even after its heyday. Independent, unlicensed games continue to be produced for the system to this day.

The current license holder of the Atari 5200, Atari, S.A., released several Atari 7800 games as downloadable content in compilations.

Digital Atari 7800 games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Notes
Alien Brigade Atari Corp. 1990
Asteroids Atari Corp. 1986
Basketbrawl Atari Corp. 1990
Centipede Atari Corp. 1986
Desert Falcon General Computer Corporation 1987
Food Fight General Computer Corporation 1986
Motor Psycho BlueSky Software 1990
Ninja Golf BlueSky Software 1990
Planet Smashers Atari Corp. 1990