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Type Publicly traded company
Founded 1883 (Dey Patents Company)
1889 (Bundy Manufacturing Company)
1891 (The Computing Scale Company)
1893 (Dey Time Register Company)
1896 (Tabulating Machine Company)
1896 (Chicago Time Register Company)
1900 (International Time Recording Company)
1911 (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company)
1924 (International Business Machines)
Headquarters Armonk, New York, US
Key people Alexander Dey (Dey Patents Co.)
Harlow E. Bundy (Bundy Manufacturing)
Willard L. Bundy (Bundy Manufacturing)
Edward Canby (Computing Scale Co.)
Orange Ozias (Computing Scale Co.)
Herman Hollerith (Tabulating Machine)
John W. Deubner (Chicago Time Register)
George Fairchild (International Time Recording Co.)
Charles R. Flint (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company)
Industry Computer hardware, computer software
Products Computer hardware, computer software
Number of people 352,600

International Business Machines (IBM) is a multinational computer company.

Dey Patents Company

Dey Patents Company was formed in 1883 by Dr. Alexander Day as a holding company for patents of his inventions. Dr. Alexander Dey invented the dial recorder in 1888.

Bundy Manufacturing Company

Willard L. Bundy invented a time clock to record a worker's arrival and departure on paper tape in 1889. Willard Bundy and Harlow E. Bundy founded the Bundy Manufacturing Company later that year.

The Computing Scale Company

Julius E. Pitrap of Gallipolis, Ohio patented the computing scale in 1885. Edward Canby and Orange O. Ozias of Dayton, Ohio purchase Pitrap's patents and formed The Computing Scale Company in 1891.

Dey Time Register Company

The Dey Patents Company manufactures the first dial recorder in 1893. Following this, the company is renamed Dey Time Register Company.

Willard and Frick Manufacturing Company

J.L. Willard and F.A. Frick of Rochester, NY form the Willard and Frick Manufacturing Company in 1894.

Tabulating Machine Company

Herman Hollerith conducted the first practical test of his tabulating machine to record and tabulate vital statistics at the Baltimore Department of Health in 1886. The tabulating machine was patented in 1889. In 1896, Hollerith formed the Tabulating Machine Company.

Chicago Time Register Company

John W. Deubner founded the Chicago Time Register Company in 1896.

International Time Recording Company

George W. Fairchild formed the International Time Recording Company in 1900. Bundy Manufacturing Company, Williard and Frick Manufacturing Company, and Chicago Time Register Company were consolidated into International Time Recording Company in 1902.

International Time Recording Company Acquisition of Dey Time Register Company

International Time Recording Company acquired Dey Time Register Company in 1907.

Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company

Charles R. Flint arranged the merger of International Time Recording Company, Computing Scale Company, and the Tabulating Machine Company to form the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company in 1911.

International Business Machines

Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company was renamed International Business Machines in 1924.

Computers by IBM

Name Released Added to Museum Notes
AT 5170 1984 June 1, 2020 Computer with an Intel 80286 processor.

Technologies by IBM

Name Released Added to Museum Notes
Hard disk drive (HDD) 1954 January 23, 2012 Electro-mechanical data storage device.
8-inch floppy disk drive (FDD) 1967 Not yet Device that reads data stored on an 8-inch flexible magnetic storage medium.
Model M keyboard 1984 May 8, 2020 Keyboard with a buckling-spring key design.
Video Graphics Array (VGA) 1987 May 8, 2020 Video standard supporting up to 256 colors.