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Intel logo.png
Type Publicly traded company
Founded July 18, 1968 (N.M. Electronics)
July 1968 (Intel)
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, U.S.
Key people Gordon E. Moore (founder)
Robert Noyce (founder)
Industry Microprocessors
Products Microprocessors
Number of people 110,200

Intel is a multinational technology company.

N.M. Electronics

Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce founded N.M. Electronics on July 18, 1968.


By the end of July 1968, the name of the company was changed to Intel.

The name Intel stands for Integrated Electronics.

Microprocessors by Intel owned by WEC Museum

Title Released Added to museum Notes
80286 1982 June 1, 2020 The WEC Museum owns a an IBM AT 5170 that contains an 80286.
Pentium 1993 May 8, 2020 The WEC Museum owns a 133Mhz Pentium.
3rd generation Intel Core i7 2012 June 7, 2014 The WEC Museum owns a Mac Mini that contains a 3rd generation Intel Core i7.
4th generation Intel Core i5 2014 June 7, 2014 The WEC Museum owns a MacBook Air that contains a 4th generation Intel Core i5.