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Intellivision logo.png
Designer Mattel Electronics
Manufacturer Mattel Electronics (1979-1984)
INTV Corporation (1984-1990)
CPU General Instrument CP1610
Graphics 159 x 96 resolution
Memory 1K RAM, 6K ROM
Media ROM cartridge
Released US: December 3, 1979
NA: 1980
UK: 1981
Europe, Japan, South Africa: 1982
Brazil: 1983
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The Intellivision was released by Mattel Electronics in the United States on December 3, 1979, in the rest of North America in 1980, in the United Kingdom in 1981, in Europe, Japan, and South Africa in 1982, and in Brazil in 1982.

After the video game crash of 1983, Mattel sold the rights to the system to a group of investors that formed INTV Corporation. INTV sold the Intellivision and contracted developers to create games for the system from 1984 to 1990.


The legacy of the Intellivision remains, even after its heyday. Independent, unlicensed games continue to be produced for the system to this day.

Then license-holder of the system, Intellivision Productions, has capitalized on the system's continuing popularity by releasing compilations including Intellivision Lives! and Intellivision Rocks, and partnering with AtGames to release the Intellivision Flashback microconsole.

Digital Intellivision games owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer Released Notes
ABPA Backgammon APh Technological Consulting 1979
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain APh Technological Consulting 1982
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin APh Technological Consulting 1983
Air Strike Mattel Electronics 1998
All-Star Major League Baseball INTV Corporation 1986
Armor Battle APh Technological Consulting 1979
Astrosmash Mattel Electronics 1981
Atlantis Imagic 1982
Auto Racing APh Technological Consulting 1980
B-17 Bomber Mattel Electronics 1982
Beamrider Action Graphics 1983
Beauty and the Beast Imagic 1982
Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling Realtime Associates 1988
Bomb Squad Mattel Electronics 1982
Boxing APh Technological Consulting 1981
Brickout Mattel Electronics 1998
Buzz Bombers Mattel Electronics 1983
Checkers APh Technological Consulting 1980
Chip Shot Super Pro Golf Realtime Associates 1987
Crazy Clones Mattel Electronics 1998
Deep Pockets: Pool & Billiards Realtime Associates 1998
Demonstration Cartridge Mattel Electronics 1978
Demon Attack Imagic 1982
Dracula Imagic 1983
Dragonfire Imagic 1982
The Dreadnaught Factor Cheshire Engineering 1983
The Electric Company: Math Fun APh Technological Consulting 1979
The Electric Company: Word Fun APh Technological Consulting 1980
Fathom Imagic 1983
Frog Bog Mattel Electronics 1982
Game Factory Mattel Electronics 2001
Go for the Gold Mattel Electronics 1998
Grid Shock Mattel Electronics 1998
Happy Holidays Mattel Electronics 1998
Happy Trails Activision 1983
Horse Racing APh Technological Consulting 1980
Hover Force Realtime Associates 1986
Hypnotic Lights Mattel Electronics 1998
Ice Trek Imagic 1983
King of the Mountain Mattel Electronics 1998
Land Battle Mattel Electronics 1998
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack APh Technological Consulting 1979
Las Vegas Roulette APh Technological Consulting 1980
League of Light Activision 2001
Learning Fun I Realtime Associates 1987
Learning Fun II Realtime Associates 1987
Magic Carousel Mattel Electronics 1998
Major League Baseball Mattel Electronics 1980
Melody Blaster Mattel Electronics 1983
Meteor Mattel Electronics 1998
Microsurgeon Imagic 1982
Mind Strike Mattel Electronics 1983
Motocross Mattel Electronics 1983
Mountain Madness: Super Pro Skiing Realtime Associates 1988
Mr. Basic Meets Bits N' Bytes Mattel Electronics 1983
NASL Soccer APh Technological Consulting 1980
NBA Basketball Mattel Electronics 1980
NHL Hockey APh Technological Consulting 1980
NFL Football APh Technological Consulting 1979
Night Stalker Mattel Electronics 1982
Nova Blast Imagic 1983
Number Jumble Mattel Electronics 1998
Party Line: Hard Hat Nice Ideas 1998
Party Line: Space Cadet Mattel Electronics 1998
PBA Bowling Mattel Electronics 1981
PGA Golf APh Technological Consulting 1980
Pinball Mattel Electronics 1983
Pitfall Activision 1982
Reversi APh Technological Consulting 1982
River Raid Activision 1983
Royal Dealer APh Technological Consulting 1982
Safe Cracker Imagic 1983
Sea Battle APh Technological Consulting 1980
Shark! Shark! Mattel Electronics 1982
Sharp Shot APh Technological Consulting 1982
Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball INTV Corporation 1987
Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey Realtime Associates 1987
Snafu Mattel Electronics 1981
Space Armada APh Technological Consulting 1981
Space Battle APh Technological Consulting 1980
Space Spartans Mattel 1982
Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball Realtime Associates 1989
Stampede Activision 1983
Sub Hunt Mattel Electronics 1982
Super Pro Decathlon Realtime Associates 1988
Super Pro Football Realtime Associates 1986
Swords & Serpents Imagic 1982
Takeover Mattel Electronics 1998
Tennis APh Technological Consulting 1980
Thin Ice INTV Corporation 1986
Thunder Castle INTV Corporation 1984
Tower of Doom INTV Corporation 1987
Triple Action Mattel Electronics 1981
Tropical Trouble Imagic 1982
Truckin' Imagic 1983
US Ski Team Skiing APh Technological Consulting 1982
USCF Chess Teletape 1982
Utopia Mattel Electronics 1981
Vectron Mattel Electronics 1983
White Water! Imagic 1983
World Cup Soccer Nice Ideas 1986
World Series Baseball Mattel Electronics 1983
Worm Whomper Cheshire Engineering 1983